Friday, July 31, 2009

my other brother?

random, but i was experimenting w/ Picasa and made somethin for me nd my other little brother, CJ-boy =]


can u see the family resemblance ?

SUMMER season//

NYCE Dream:

We're into our 2nd season, with the addition of Alphonse Baja, Kenan Palmares and Corey Skieveski. Only loss came to Jay Baylosis and his Top Gunz group. 3rd overall loss for NYCE.

North Jersey Juniors:

Boston MASAE Invitational - We defeat chinese squad, MARYLAND PISTONS, then Boston Jr. Asian Celtics. After 2 games seedings we got 1st, nd Jr. Celtics got 4th so we played them in the playoffs. Maryland defeated the host, Boston-MASAE nd pitted Championship Matchup between us and Maryland. All the games were similar, we gave our opponents hope the 1st half, then 2nd half we pulled away. Special thanks to our guest players from JSAG, Nikko "The Rhino" Guiaro and Jobert "Jobe" Rosales for making the trip nd running w/ our squad. AJ Pizon was awarded MVP and Julius Rodriguez took Mythical 5 honors.

ROBBYRISE TV WILL BE BACK SOON !!!! Just a quick update. hooray !

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Yeah yeah,
idk where i been. My computer got busted, getting repaired tomorrow but i was still slackin' anyway.

NYCE Dream finished 2nd place overall in Amateur division of Hoopsville Spring Season. Now we're in our 2nd season in the Hoopsville Jersey City Amateur league w/ a revamped roster. Released JC Albano and acquired Alphonse Baja from Massive. Put Ryan Jose on the injury list, and extended Kevin Skievaski's contract to 3 more months and also signed his younger brother, restricted import from Florida Corey Skievaski. Dani Kim will also be extending hit commitment contract to the Summer Jersey City/Golden Doors season. And of course, our Big-3 are back, Captains Dustin Ramos and 'General' Justin Antes as well as the Freak of Nature Mike Mayes. Looking to make more noise in Hoopsville !

My North Jersey Juniors are in Kalahi's Junior Division league in Piscataway, currently 3-1, w/ our only loss to my ex-squad, SIPAG. Really, the league is a tryout for my guys and i give playing time to the cats that are making the rotation for NABA to repeat the North Jersey Junior division championship. And i'll be honest, not ready yet. Not at all. Although our guard rotation is proving to be the heart and soul of our squad. I actually believe our guard rotation will push us through to success. Still hunting for big men, and the recruit count pushes to beyond 20. I keep getting messages about kids looking for a team, and i'm doing my best to accommodate all the decent players that i'll be evaluating. I want to build a strong team around reigning Junior divison MVP, AJ Pizon. All he needs is a good supporting cast and we'll have a legit chance. We got Boston comin' up this month, so that will be another chance to expose my new guys to intercity play.

What to expect in the upcoming weeks:
-robbyRise TV update episode. (basically verbally posting wat i just typed up)
-Asian Basketball Classic NYCE 2nd coming Highlights launch! including updated rankings. {*Warning- the NABA teams dominate)

And if anyone's curious, i spent my July 4th laughing and playing poker. Thats it. hahaa.